ITAD Services:
IT Asset Disposition & Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

We decommission existing equipment to accommodate new installations while providing positive ROI and detailed documentation. From coordination to value recovery, our expertise and processes promise compliance and maximize ROI.

Maximize your ROI

RajaServer will get your product back out into the market, using direct and online sales to ensure you're getting the greatest market exposure and return on your investments.

Uncable, unrack, and palletize hardware

RajaServer's experienced technicians will remove assets and get them ready for shipment to the RajaServer processing center. All hardware will be carefully de-installed and palletized.

Refurbish or recycle, as appropriate

RajaServer's refurbishment capabilities can often increase an asset’s marketability. If remarketing is not an option, or if security protocols require destruction, our ISO certified information destruction and recycling services provide environmentally compliant and fully documented asset disposal.

Coordinate labor and packaging

RajaServer will coordinate on-site labor to manage the entire decommissioning process. Our packaging and transportation practices will adhere to your data security requirements and protect the remarket potential of assets during transportation.

Research marketability

Discover the hidden value in your retired assets through RajaServer's marketability assessments. Our asset recovery team will assess market conditions, compare full-unit versus component value, and maximize your ROI potential.

Sell us your equipment

RajaServer can help when you’re looking to decommission your equipment. We’ll work to get you the best return on your investment.

Data Security

As part of our ITAD services, we securely erase your HDD and SSD data while offering options for safe and sustainable disposition or remarketing. RajaServer’s data security services are secure, comprehensive, and customizable to your needs.

Wipe HDD & SSD data

RajaServer's different data wiping options, with algorithms for 1-35 passes, can meet whatever level of data security you require, permanently clearing information from your drives to Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

Shred drives securely

RajaServer's shredders can destroy 45-200 drives an hour, depending on shred width. We guarantee a job securely done and provide Certificates of Destruction for every project or work order.

Maintain traceability

RajaServer's Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Data Erasure document each shredding and wiping job we carry out, verifying that wiped data has been erased entirely and that shredded drives are completely destroyed.

Protect your data

RajaServer's NAID membership reflects our commitment to ensuring your data's security by practicing the highest standards and ethics in our information destruction services. Our NAID-compliant practices guarantee that your data will be safely managed and cleared.

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Documented organizational systems and procedures are the foundation of RajaServer’s high quality standards. All of our services are rooted in proven best practices.

Why RajaServer

Secured Facilities

Security starts with our facilities, where monitored alarms, 24-hour security camera surveillance, and controlled access are standard. Your drives and your data are always protected.

Technician Screening

It’s critical that your product be handled and sanitized by trusted individuals. That’s why all of RajaServer's technicians are carefully screened and selected and undergo background checks and drug screens.

Focused Training

RajaServer's technicians receive extensive and ongoing technical and security training to ensure they know the industry-best methods and standards for processing storage devices.

Verified Processes

RajaServer's processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of the practices that manage our operations, product handling, and each aspect of our service offerings.